Abd ul-Rahman Lomax

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Abd Lomax
Aliases: Abd
Dennis G. Lomax
Occupation: Conspiracy theorist

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax (born Dennis George Lomax), best known as Abd, is an American cold fusion researcher, conspiracy theorist, anti-vegan activist and internet troll. He operates the website coldfusioncommunity.net which contains criticisms of RationalWiki and Wikipedia admins. Lomax dislikes Gamergate and video games.

Lomax is widely considered to be an internet troll, noted for trolling and posting of personal information of innocent people he gets into internet slap fights with. He has been banned on a number of forums and wikis, including Wikipedia, RationalWiki, Wikipediocracy, Wikiversity, Meta-Wiki, and Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Lomax has in the past collaborated with Rome Viharo to try and close down websites he has been banned from or criticized on including Encyclopedia Dramatica, Kiwi Farms and RationalWiki. Lomax has had correspondence with Bryan See.

Lomax's daughter Zippy Lomax is a famous Black Lives Matter protester.[1]


Lomax has been banned on hundreds of sock-puppets on RationalWiki.

Wikipedia Lawsuit

Lomax filed a lawsuit against the Wikimedia Foundation in February, 2019 (Lomax v. WikiMedia Foundation) for banning his username Abd. Lomax promoted a conspiracy theory that a group of skeptical editors including several admins teamed up to ban him. The case was dismissed with prejudice in June, 2020. The judge stated his claims were based on "mere speculation".[2]