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Owner: Luis Angeles
Editor-in-Chief: Luis Angeles
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Boycott: No

APGNation (short for Average Professional Gamers) is a gaming and e-sports news website. They have conducted interviews with many of GamerGate's chief supporters, including The Fine Young Capitalists and William Usher, and they support greater transparency in gaming journalism.[1][2]

GamerGate publications


Publication Date Article
09/07/2014 Crossing the Line: The Changing Face of Gaming Journalism and Online Communities
10/17/2014 #GamerGate Responds to Calls for Bullying with Anti-Bullying Charity
10/19/2014 Objections Called As Lawyer Enters the Ring of #GamerGate
10/27/2014 #GamerGate Raises Over Six Thousand Dollars for Extra-Life
11/08/2014 Sony's CEO Discusses PS4 Anniversary, Developments, and #GamerGate
02/14/2015 Law and Order SVU #Gamers Episode Final Verdict: Everybody's Mad
04/20/2015 Honey Badger Brigade Artist Group Banned from Calgary Expo
05/03/2015 #GGinDC Meetup Disrupted by Investigation of Bomb Threat
05/05/2015 AirPlay Event Announced to Discuss Journalistic Ethical Concerns with #Gamergate
08/15/2015 SPJ Airplay Panel Discussing Gamergate
10/27/2015 SXSW Cancel #SavePoint and Level-Up Panels Citing "Numerous Threats of Violence


Publication Date Interview
09/09/2014 Truth in Gaming: An Interview with the Fine Young Capitalists
09/15/2014 A Brave New World of Games Journalism: An Interview with Milo Yiannopoulos
09/21/2014 Both Sides of the Screen: Adam Baldwin Talks #GamerGate
09/29/2014 Breaking the Chain: An Interview with William Usher
10/06/2014 Capitalism & Consumerism in Gaming: A Discussion on Video Games and Politics w/ Brandon Morse
10/08/2014 Blacklisted by GamaSutra: An Interview with Slade Villena
12/05/2014 Inside GameJournoPros: Women, Gamers, and the Future – An Interview with Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers

Opinion Pieces

Publication Date Opinion Piece
10/25/2014 Great Games Don't Require the Death of Gamers
08/27/2015 Today is the Anniversary of the GamerGate hashtag. Why Are You Here?
10/23/2015 #SavePoint - Gamergate Gets a Panel at SXSW


APGNation has a Steam curator/group. Link: http://store.steampowered.com/curator/7722504-APGNation/?appid=340520