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<ref>The Mods Are Always Asleep - [https://archive.is/V6t17]</ref>
<ref>The Mods Are Always Asleep - [https://archive.is/V6t17]</ref>
In September 27, 2019, Fredrick Brennan tweeted and clarified that he will be going to a meeting with the N.T. Technology. But the agreement between them is to never reopen 8chan and cease using its branding.<ref>Where I Stand (Tweet) - [https://pocketnet.app/weltbild?report=shares&i=a2d8d4a18c8b566d53dd4f03c8d4]</ref>
==Board Culture==
==Board Culture==

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Type: Imageboard website
Website: 8ch.net

8chan (also called Infinitechan and stylized as ∞chan) is an imageboard website composed of user-created boards. It's notable for its stance on free speech, allowing any content as long as it doesn't violate US law.


8chan was created by Fredrick Brennan on October 22, 2013.[1]

During September 22, 2014, Brennan tweeted an announcement that 8chan would be partnering with 2chan, thus becoming the Japanese imageboard's international division. This merger made 2chan to relocate to the Philippines in October 2014.[2][3][4]

Role in GamerGate

The site has served as a hub for GamerGate related discussion on it's /gg/, /gamergate/, and /gamergatehq/ boards since 2014.[cn] Fredrick Brennan (nicknamed "Hotwheels" by residents of 8chan) — the owner of the site — is also an outspoken GamerGate supporter who has defended the consumer revolt on places such as HuffPostLive, The David Pakman Show and a debate organized by Al Jazeera America Tonight.[5]

In September 2014, Christopher Poole (aka Moot) posted an announcement explaining why all Gamergate threads were being removed from 4chan.org, claiming that the threads violate the site's global "no personal information/ raids / calls to invasion" rule. Many users flocked to 8chan as an alternative image board with fewer restrictions, began to mockingly refer to 4chan as "halfchan" and lamented the site's demise with the expression "4chan is kill." This censorship of the Gamergate discussions also happened on Reddit, causing those interested in the topic forced to seek out new sites that aren't going to silenced them, eventually image macros have been posted on 4chan prompting users to migrate to a newer site, 8chan, and eventually it gained a steady user base.[6]

According to the Trello CON leaks, Alex Lifschitz collaborated with with Zoe Quinn and others to get 8chan removed from Patreon and Gratipay, because of hosting child pornography (Which the Crash Override Network participants dump into the image board site). It was reveal that 8chan allows loli/shota because 4chan does the same and that SJWs were spreading child porn to prove that it was there. Lastly, Zoe Quinn failed to take down 8chan, despite getting together with Patreon's higherups to craft a new Terms of Service which writes out 8chan (and other projects/people, she does not like), while leaving her and her friends in. Though Brennan (Hotwheels) repurposed his Patreon into a page to fund weekly YouTube videos of his cat, Hachi. [7][8][9]


In September 27, 2019, Fredrick Brennan tweeted and clarified that he will be going to a meeting with the N.T. Technology. But the agreement between them is to never reopen 8chan and cease using its branding.[11]

Board Culture


Like most imageboard sites, 8chan allows for anonymous posting and commenting. Allowing users to post fully anonymously lends the sites a jovial, risqué atmosphere of free thought and discussion that is found in few places on the modern Internet.


#GamerGate HQ is the current hub for GamerGate operations on 8chan. Their unofficial board mascot is Asuka Langley Sohryu, from Neon Genesis Evangelion fame. It is the main board on 8chan for Gamergate discussion, alongside the /v/ - Videogames board.[12]

GGHQ was created to be a more heavily-moderated board than its predecessors, with a special emphasis on organizing and running GamerGate operations and information distribution. This was in contrast to the open "general discussion" format of the previous two Gamergate boards, which lead KotakuInAction to become the primary hub for general discussion, and 8chan became more about digging and operations.


Infographic about 8chan.


8chan /v/ Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/8chanvidya

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