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/v/ (The Rage Guy) is Vivian James' father [1].

Appearance and Background


/v/ represents the average male gamer. He is deliberately designed as a nondescript, featureless male between the ages 18-25 with colorless skin and clothes. /v/ could be drawn in black and white comics and art using nothing but MS Paint and this was frequently done so on 4chan's many forums. The character embodies the stereotype of the bitter gamer that hates what games have become, he loathes modern video games, the industry that churns them out, and the gamers that both accepts and plays them. After 2014, /v/ is often depicted as wearing an eyepatch signifying wounds received fighting 4chan's fount Moot and his new Social Justice Warrior mod team and administrators. Due to the popularity of the Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain, Vivian's father is occasionally depicted with a beard and robotic left arm. The unscarred version is still used occasionally on 4chan and is called Vanilla /v/, whereas 8chan's scarred version is referred to as Punished /v/ [2].


/v/ has been a prominent character in 4chan OC for nearly a decade, featured in MS Paint comics and flash animation showing him in a violent rage and engaging in furious, apocalyptic battles with endless enemies including gamers, social justice warriors, other boards, and fanbases, and even 4chan's founder Moot. In 2014, /v/ "birthed" Vivian James with a gut punch to a humongous Zoe Quinn-like beast monster, who vomited her up. After Gamergate discussions were banned from 4chan, hence /v/'s eyepatch and sometimes beard and robotic left arm [3].

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