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/pol/ is Erika Polina's father and Vivian James's Uncle, who represents 4chan's politically incorrect board. [1]

Origins and Appearance


/pol/ originally started as a /new/-tan, based on a now-defunct board for News.


He was first seen as a typical reporter, after /new/'s deletion, /pol/ was usually portrayed as homeless because of this. After Erika Polina's creation, he is now seen wearing a black Nazi uniform and a red Nazi armband.

/pol/ is seen as an angry and stubborn tan, plus shown to hold racist, sexist, and Anti-Semetic views. During his hay day, /pol/ often clashes with the other 4chan boards. His known daughters are Ebola-chan, Christ-chan, and possibly, x-chan.


/pol/ was a play with the accusations of being racist bigots, thus, he was designed to be the offensive white male supremacist personified. He is proud of Vivian and her cynicism and contempt of the gaming media. [2]

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