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Youtube is a famous website were one can upload user content videos. [1]


YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California.
The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005.
Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; YouTube now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.

Role in Gamergate

It worked as information center, until few Youtubers went aGG, tried to raise personal armies, retired from GG etc.

After introducing the "Limited State" sometime in 2017, this was the beginning of Youtube censoring historical channels. Putting them in a zone were they can't earn money, won't have comments to add to the discussion or critique the vid, and even shared to other sites. Vee posted a video in August 26, 2017, reporting on what's happening with these channels.[2][3]


In June 4, 2019, Carlos Maza, who is part of the Vox Media Union and made a milkshake tweet,[4] was trying to start an adpocalypse on Youtube, due to Steven Crowder making a video that hurt his feelings.[5]The Strikethrough producer even believes that journalism shouldn't be "fair and balanced", since it'll make it difficult for audiences to differentiate between good and bad information, which may lead to normalize extreme and even hateful political positions"[6][7], it also shows that Maza was willing to destroy all of Youtube's content creators at any means as possible, just to win against Steven Crowder [8][9][10]

In June 5, 2019, Youtube decided to not censor Steven Crowder, because his videos do not violated their policies.[11][12][13]

"As an open platform, it's crucial for us to allow everyone - from creators to journalists to late-night TV hosts - To express their opinions w/in the scope of our policies. Opinions can be deeply offensive, but if they don't violet our policies, they'll remain on our site. Even if a video remains on our site, it doesn't mean we endorse/support that viewpoint. There are other aspects of the channel that we're still evaluating - We'll be in touch with any further updates."

Eventually, due to Maza sending information to YouTube, they backtracked on their "It's crucial for us to allow everyone" stance.[14] When Crowder got demonetized content creators have theories of why Carlos decided to get Steven Crowder now (and hurt YT in the process) and not earlier.

Around June 19, 2019, Memology101 discovered that this new adpocalypse and Youtube demonitizing and banning the content creators was due to the Vox Media Union merely due to YouTube being Vox's primary income source.[15] The VMU wanted salary changes, but feels as though the issue wasn't getting enough attention as it is, so they decided to go completely scorched earth on Youtube.[16][17]

In June 15, 2019, thanks to a whistleblower, who came from Pinterest, reveal that there's documents that the guys in charge of the tech social tech industry wanted Project Veritas' investigating reporting must be demonitized, banned, or suspended. [18][19]

Just Plain Removal

These are the list of content creators that were straight out removed or censored.

  • Top Hats and Champagne - Channel removed due to unspecified hate speech.[20][21]
  • Senpai XD - His main channel account was terminated to several violations of the spam policy.

(Note: He has a second channel)[22][23][24]

The YouTubePurge Due to VoxAdpocalypse

This is small list recording those that have been banned, demonetized, or had some of their videos deleted. [25][26][27][28] The VoxAdpocalypse caused some of these YouTube content creators to migrate for alternatives, like BitChute.

Banned -

  • Cultured Thug
  • Xurious - Musician
  • YouKipper
  • The Great Order
  • Varg
  • Mr Allsop History
  • Patrick Slattery


  • Sandman
  • The Red Elephants
  • Know More News
  • Andy Warski
  • Deep Fat Fried Podcast
  • Jesse Lee Peterson
  • Iconoclast
  • Tailed Feature
  • Ford Fischer
  • Dan Dicks
  • Revenge of The Cis
  • Martin Sellner
  • James Allsup
  • Steven Crowder
  • Red Ice TV
  • SinatraSays
  • Avi Yemini

Videos Deleted -

These content creators had some of their videos deleted by Youtube and without their consent.

  • Angelo John Gage
  • E;R
  • American Renaissance
  • Ryan Dawson
  • E Michael Jones
  • The Higherside Chats
  • Bre Faucheux
  • Owen Benjamin
  • Count Dankula
  • Gavin McInnes
  • Milo
  • Black Pigeon Speaks
  • Drunken Peasants
  • Press For Truth
  • J.F. Gariepy
  • Alkmaar Regional Archive - Their whole channel was removed because Youtube deems historical World War 2 images as "hate speech."[29][30][31][32]

Known GGers in Youtube

Honey Badger Brigade -

Mundane Matt -

Northernlion - Channel Link

Thunderf00t - Channel Link


Gaming Anarchist - Channel Link

The Game Anthropologist aka blee427 - Channel Link

ShortFatOtaku - Channel Link

LordKat a.k.a. FearTheKat aka Jason Pullara - Channel Link

Matthewmatosis -

Total Biscuit - Channel Link

MsShadowPaint - Channel Link

TheQuartering/UnsleevedMedia - Channel Link


These are the members that are part of the GameJournoPros e-mailing list.


A subreddit called, Youtube Limited, chronologs most Youtube vids that were put in the "limited" state. Click here

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