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Media Company

Role in Gamergate

We Hate Content Curators

Some examples of Vox Media wanting to destroy YouTube's content curators, because they're competing with them for money, attention, and even political influence.

  • In September 17, 2018, Rich of ReviewTechUSA posted a video titled "Criticism Is Not Harassment!"[1]
  • Some time in February 2019, Vox Media filed fake copyright strikes on BitWit and ReviewTechUSA, both of who criticized their PC building tutorial (which shows that Vox Media doesn't know how to build PCs).[2][3]
  • In December 13, 2018, Vox Media made a misleading and highly inaccurate article about the popular Youtuber, PewDiePie, and his history of flirting with alt-right culture.[4]


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