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This proves line separation works.

InfoBox Development

Erin Carson/sandbox
[[File:{{{image}}}|230x230px|alt=Alt text|Erin Carson/sandbox]]

{{{aliases}}} {{{occupation}}} {{{affiliations}}} {{{twitter}}}


Optional. Name of the individual. Use if name is different than the page name.
Optional. Image of person or their online representation. Don't include 'File:'.
Any online handles or other names they go by. Does not include real names of people who only go by online names.
What this person does. Writer, blogger, video producer, etc. Certain occupations automatically add the page to a category.
Companies or organizations this person is closely involved with. Does not include romantic relationships.


Milo Yiannopoulos
Alt text
Aliases: Nero
Occupation: Journalist
Affiliations: Breitbart
{{Person Infobox
| name = Milo Yiannopoulos
| image = Milo Yiannopoulos.jpg
| aliases = Nero
| occupation = Journalist
| affiliations = [[Breitbart]]

InfoBox Type 1

Zoe Quinn
Alt text
Birth name: Chelsea Van Valkenburg
Aliases: Locke Knife; Locke Valentine (Pornography), various others
Twitter: @UnburntWitch (currently deleted)
Occupation: Video Game Developer
Affiliations: Loveshack Entertainment, various others


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