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"Secure, Contain, Protect."

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The SCP Foundation was founded some time around 2007 by members of 4chan, it's a collection and writing collaboration from the creepypasta board (aka /x/).[1][2] It tells about the exploits about the foundation of the same name as they contain individuals, entities, locations, and items that extremely violate, though not always hostile, natural law (which are called SCPs).[3] Eventually, the wiki came about in 2008 and articles were added, the site moved to Wikidot thanks to content and restrictions.


What started out as a creepypasta wiki of sorts with an interconnecting universe, began to change it's tone. This happen gradually, since users come and go, even going through changes, and retcons over the years. Until, the creepypasta Lovecraftian feel was lost. Being slowly replace by those that frequent Tumblr and those that can get triggered by an aforemention doorknob.[4]

Role in Gamergate

In June 17, 2018, Mister Metokur posted a video explaining how SCP Foundation was invaded by social justice warriors from Tumblr, Deviantart, and Reddit, who deviated from the Lovecraftian tone and destroyed the site from within. This vid was posted in Kotaku in Action's Reddit board for discussion, though many were shocked that this happened.[5]

As a response to this video, as of then respected member of the community 'Dr. Cimmerian' posted his video 'A response to LGBSCP' in which he defended the actions of the wiki staff and ridiculed all who dared take Metekour's side as whiny and childish. It is notable to state that Cimmerian is one of the more controversial senior writers from the Foundation, and that his viewpoint is not necessarily that of 05 command (See the contest[6] & object class controversy). There is an argument to made that Cimmerian is now bitten in the ass by the same mentality he previously defended, but he has shown no signs of recognizing this hypocrisy.

The site was culturally appropriated by those who would even lie that the internet, even the SCP Foundation, is not inclusive to the LGBTQ community.[7] Even, Clef, one of the wiki's administrators, stated "Who the fuck CARES what the "founding members" wanted for the site's direction. Stating that some of the early contributors had to hide their identity from their 4chan peers, these current ones work their hardest to change the site's culture into a more "accepting and understanding" into a safe place.[8] Even wanting to eliminate the chan culture's influence from the SCP Foundation.


Those that are dissatisfied with the heavily political direction, the power hungry mods, are outright ban, or the SCP Foundation lost it's fun atmosphere.[9] moved to some of the SCP alternatives, the biggest of these is the RPC Authority and the smallest one is the The Chaos Insurgency.[10] The RPC Authority's has strict rules to follow, like don't complain about politics, no forcing ideologies on others, and such. So they won't end up like the SCP Foundation.[11] Whereas the Chaos Insurgency's rules are similar to the SCP Foundation's, despite being a splinter group.[12][13]

While discussing alternatives to the SCP Foundation and if it's a "threat" or not. Agent MacLeod stated that the RPC is a "blantant imitation, even if they get big" since some of the mods are planning to sell the SCPF for profit.[14][15][16]

Feels Like Gamergate

Ever since Mister Metokur's video went up, many members of the current SCP Foundation subreddit are saying that it feels like GamerGate all over again. [17]When Djkaktus, one of the mods, step down graciously and will not be involve in official matters concerning the wiki.[18] It was only then reveal and even bragged by the scpwiki's Twitter account that some of the power hungry mods and other users were lying in wait for all those years, mainly "detoxifying" the community, just to make it a "positive creative space".[19]

Currently the subreddit for the SCP Foundation came under heavy scrutiny about the censorship, mod abuse, and even deviating from the community's origins. On June 18, 2018, one of the mods, Joreth, made the "On Recent Developments" trying to smooth things over and calm down the community, trying to assure them that the pride flag colors are just for Pride Month and that the community isn't going to be politically correct (Earlier, the pride colors complaint were just about theme and immersion issues.). This and other explanations convince both old and new fans of creepypastas to join the SCP.

Controversial Rewrites and Deletions

Not only that, the guidelines were modified to avoid talking about controversial topics in their stories, like rape, despite SCP Foundation being a horror site. This lead some of the SCPs, including the classic ones to be rewritten or outright remove. Some examples, are minor while others are outright deleted during the event known as the "Mass Edit."

The entry about SCP 231 has fixed some awkward errors, sentence structures, and made some changes

The story about SCP 847 transforms a terrifying mannequin who kills women to use their body parts to make herself beautiful, into an abuse victim.

SCP-049's entry was made longer, with an interviews and memes added.

The alteration of SCP-2967's story is dramatic, to the point of a full on rewrite. What used to be a piece of clothing that has the ability to change humans into Australian fur seals, was changed to one whose owner is being cryogenically preserved to just be a common octopus.[20][21]


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