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Type: Publicity firm, development studio, etc.
Leader: Whoever leads the organization
Boycott: no

In this section please write an introduction to the organization. It must contain the name of the site and its goals or buisiness. It also must have a small description of it's role in the Gamergate controversy. If the organization has people involved in GameJournoPros please highlight it here. Remember that this is just an introduction to the whole article, save the details for the rest of it.

Pre-Gamergate controversies

If any controversies within the scope of GamerGate that involved this organization occurred prior to the start of GamerGate, mention them here.

Basic controversy format

Begin with a description of the event's context, such as the background, the people involved, and the basic information relating to it. Then, explain the exact sequence of events in more detail, and include information about the fallout and the reaction of other industry players. Cite sources using reference tags.[1]

Example of controversy

On August 8 2006, Consolidated Thought Policing organized an event where they trained people in the art of equating free speech with hate speech. Writer Y at Publication X covered this event positively without mentioning that Writer Y has ties to Consolidated Thought Policing, including being friends with its chairman,[2] as well as financially supporting the organization.[3] Consolidated Thought Policing's chairman said that people who find this suspicious are really just sexist.[4]

Role In GamerGate

Mention here what impact on GamerGate this organization has had, as well as if they have published any statements about it,

On September 07 2014, Writer Y wrote an article talking about GamerGate. He/she depicted GamerGate as X and Y, using foo as evidence. He/She also spoke about bar, blaming GamerGate for it.[5]

On October 02 2014, Writer XY wrote an article about Y developer being harassed allegedly by GamerGate, describing how she was attacked by it despite no real evidence proving these claims.[6]