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Sargon of Akkad
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Aliases: Carl Benjamin, @Sargon_of_Akkad
Occupation: Youtube Producer
Affiliations: GamerGate

Sargon of Akkad, is a British youtube personality who produces videos with a critical eye on a variety of topics to include but not limited to; politics, culture, feminism, social justice warriors(SJW), and most recently #gamergate(GG) [1]. He is the host of 'This week in Stupid' [2] where he comments on the dumbest things he has read in the headlines for that particular week.

Video Topics and Format

Prior to GamerGate, he was critical of modern third wave feminisms concern with "first world problems". In the past he has been vocal of his opinions on Anita Sarkeesian, referring to her as a fraud and con artist. Outside of politics and games, he also discusses history in depth with his 'Heroes of History' series. [3]


Sargon's style heavily depends on what's he's criticizing. This week in Stupid is a reading of the headline verbatum (most likely to avoid accusation of reading it out of context), pausing to comment, then continuing with the article.

When being critical of a video (youtube, newscast, esc) he allows the audience to listen before pausing and explaining why it was stupid or a lie.

Role In GamerGate

Sargon of Akkad's video Lie Heard Around the World, is one of his most viewed videos. In his usual style, he comments on the MSNBC interview with Brianna Wu. He continued with several GamerGate videos [4], including a three part series Why Gamers Had to Die where he investigates the activities of DiGRA and how it relates to the gamers are dead articles.

Sargon is often the host or moderator in conversations. He reaches out to both sides of the debate, and uses it to allow further insight into recent events from the people involved [5]


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