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Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Parent Company N/A
Owners Kieron Gillen
Alec Meer
Jim Rossignol
John Walker
Editor-in-Chief Unknown
Ethics Policy None

Rock, Paper, Shotgun (commonly abbreviated as RPS) is a UK-based PC gaming blog, written by Alec Meer, Jim Rossignol, Adam Smith, and John Walker. Former writers include Kieron Gillen,[1] and Quintin Smith[2]. The site was launched in July 2007[3]. In 2010 the website partnered with Eurogamer.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun participated in the "Gamers are Dead" blitz.

Pre GamerGate Controversies

Clickbait Article about Max Temkin and his response to a fake rape accusation


Max Temkin, co-creator of the tabletop game Cards Against Humanity, was accused of rape by a woman who he had a brief relationship with while studying at college. The accusation was initially made to a third party on Facebook, and was followed up by the alleged victim, who identified herself as 'Magz', posting her story on Tumblr.[4] Temkin's response was to post on his own blog in his own defence,[5] denying that any rape or sexual assault occurred. The alleged crime was never reported and Temkin was never charged. No evidence has ever been produced to indicate the alleged assault took place. Temkin took no action against Magz. No tabletop game sites reported on this incident.

Controversial issue

In July 15, 2014, Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Robert Florence wrote an article [6] reporting on a rape accusation against Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin.

Similarly to Patricia Hernandez's article on Kotaku, Florence explicitly remained non-committed regarding Temkin's guilt, except to say that he believed in "the old innocent until proven guilty thing" and that "Witness testimony is, in fact, evidence." His article focused on the fact that this incident appeared to be under-reported in the gaming media, and more significantly, and that Temkin had misrepresented the element of consent in sexual interactions. Specifically, Florence stated that Temkin's response contained "irresponsible language" which "needs to be called out when we see it." This was in response to a short section from Temkin's post where Temkin suggested that the alleged victim "read something completely different [into the relationship] than I did into an awkward college hookup."

Role in GamerGate

Articles Attacking Gamers

Known Conflicts of Interest

Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris & Christine Love

On the 10th of October 2014, Cara Ellison mentioned Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris’s game, Redshirt, in an article[7] while Khandaker-Kokoris donates to Ellison via Patreon[8] with no disclaimer. In the same article, Ellison referenced multiple of Christina Love's games, stating: "(which I really should write about, though RPS cover her work enthusiastically)" while Love also donates to her Patreon[9] (again with no disclaimer).

Gone Home

Philippa Warr & Terry Cavanagh

Nina Freeman


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