Projects:Remove The 'Gamergate controversy' Article

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Projects:Remove The 'Gamergate controversy' Article
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Type: Petition
Owner: None
Status: Ongoing

Remove The 'Gamergate controversy' Article is a simple project. We are working to get Wikipedia to Remove The 'Gamergate controversy' Article No one has yet to start a petition for it, and so far we have round up quite a few supporters. We'd love to see these numbers soar and perhaps we can show Wikipedia just how oppressive they're being to GamerGate supporters. If GTAV can be banned, perhaps we can get this nasty misconception cleaned up.


If you're going to leave a comment on the petition, please keep it civil. Any harassing or off-color comments will be removed.


Go to this link: , sign and show your support


Resources are posted on the petition itself.