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"Who needs fruit when you've got games?"

-Based fruit man, DICE Europe LtD. October 15, 2014

Projects:Operation Fruit Basket
Type: donating
Owner: lanfearandthecup
Status: Ongoing

Operation Fruit Basket is a project is a project that sets forth to donate enough money to get DICE europe ltd to get a game.

Origins of GameFruit

Brianna Wu tried to attack DICE, but she ended up linking to a fruit vendor instead. The latter then made an idea, make a mobile game about building a fresh produce company, 50% of the app purchases goes to third world growers, who need the support. [1]

The fruit importer then stated that he was swept up in something important, he sees this as a sign. So, he's asking for help for to teach him how to make games.


contact DICE europe ltd with offers of donating to a game.


Donate or spread word

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