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Operation Timber
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The language barrier has been used by anime fans and translators, who are also SJWs, to tell Japanese developers one thing, while another happens in the West. [1] [2] In fact, a Japanese politician had to point out in their parliament that MSM called the American election wrong that why should they, the Japanese, trust what MSM and the rest of the mainstream media's word on other matters. We know that this is a start of the SJWs and their translator allies' slow-boil tactics to be applied over Japanese generations (and to possibly combined with the Olympics to de-homogenize them), until Japan makes the same water down mediocre stuff that Western AAA gaming companies currently do. [3] This is were Operation: Timber comes in, to inform Japanese developers of what their non-Japanese audiences truly want and that they, their fans/customers, do not want culturalization.




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