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Operation Pass The Torch
Type: Create new and competent members of Gamergate, who are capable of digging and self-sufficient.
Owner: thesquibblyone
Status: ongoing

The veteran diggers are getting burned out and retiring for some time now and it is getting to the stage where GamerGate are running out of people searching for Cols and other improprieties from journalists. Since the diggers are the lifeblood of GamerGate, without them the fighters will be stuck waiting for information that will never arrive. It is vital to keep the continuation of our work that will nurture a new generation of diggers to enable us to keep tabs on the journalists from getting carried away with unethical and improper professional behavior. [1]


A new generation of competent and self-sufficient diggers and a re-invigoration of our abilities to affect change.



The call to action is for those with experience, those without, and the artists. To those who have a degree of knowledge in digging - Open your twitter messages, and from time to time give directions and advice. To those that want to get involved - Study the materials below and practice. If you are unsure of where to look next, ask for help. Reminder, the role of mentors will not be to do the work for you, but to provide advice and if they feel so inclined, perhaps provide semi-completed investigations that can be completed - Practice, in a sense.


Create OC to help promote the operation through twitter, which can be pushed by everyone no described above on the hashtag #OPPassTheTorch.


Do not forget to archive everything on both //archive.org/web/ and http://archive.is/ and post the results of your digs on KotakuInAction (on reddit and voat), DeepFreeze's reddit community (Or the /deepfreeze/ board on 8chan) - https://www.reddit.com/r/deepfreeze

If anyone comes to the redditor, thesquibblyone, with credible evidence of a mentor attempting to subvert this Operation, he/she will remove them from the list. Though he/she really doubts this would happen, however.

Digger mentors - These are the diggers, who will keep their message boxes open and can be contacted for assistance:

High Chaplain Andy - https://twitter.com/andymanhands

Robin - https://twitter.com/BoogiepopRobin

Ben Dalton - https://twitter.com/EseKansaiJinBen

DeepFreeze - https://twitter.com/icejournalism

Old Hatman - https://mobile.twitter.com/TheHat2

squibbles - https://twitter.com/thesquibblyone

Theodore Morgan-Majo - https://twitter.com/Thidran

Tools and Guides

Do not leave home without these handy tools and guides.

Digging for Dummies - http://pastebin.com/rLaHep51

Google Tutorial on Search Modifiers - http://www.googleguide.com/category/query-input/

Search for connections on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Other social media sites can and should be searched as well, but these four are where you will find the most. Don't forget about internet forums either. Using google search modifiers streamlines this process significantly.

Tineye www.tineye.com/ and Google reverse image search www.google.com/imghp (Instructions: support.google.com/websearch/answer/1325808?hl=en ) - Used them to see if an image has been used elsewhere online.

The ICANN whois registry (http://whois.icann.org/en whois.icann.org/en) will give you information on the host of a website, however this is blocked from public view.

Reacquaint yourselves with Operation Dig-Dig-Dig and Operation Shills-In-A-Barrel. These are really good starting points, as is DeepFreeze.

If you feel competent enough, TheHarvester (www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqqoZYgwUr0) is a white hate penetration testing tool that scrapes various online sources to find information on websites which can link e-mails, names, subdomains, and other domains hosted on the same IP to a given website which can be valuable in finding links involving websites. A good example on this kind of search being worthwhile would be the Lego Dimensions incident ([3]). TheHarvester would have quickly established that this was the case had the guy responsible not outed himself. If you are looking to use this tool it is built into the Kali distro of Linux, which can be live booted from CD. Important:Those in Canada should refrain from using this tool as it may be considered illegal under a 2010 anti-spam act, which prohibits the "collection of electronic addresses or the use of such addresses, without permission." [2]

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