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Operation Goolag
Owner: Leader
Status: Beginning


Operation to kill google. And not just kill it, but to destroy it.
Three things need to happen.
All of Google's money comes from advertising, analytics, and hosting.
To kill google we need to drive up their operational costs while lowering their profits.[1][2]


Disrupt their advertisements

If you have ever worked with adsense before you will know that the one thing they absolutely despise is telling people to click ads. They want people who are actually interested in products to click advertisements, because only they will be persuaded to purchase products. On top of that, companies pay google per click. If they are paying a ton of money and few people are buying their products, they will pull out.

STEP 1: Go on to youtube, google shopping, or anyplace else with adsense ads in private browsing mode on a vpn or proxy.
STEP 2: Click all the ads you possibly can
STEP 3: Hop on a new proxy/vpn/tor circuit, and clear out the browser
STEP 4: Repeat

Bloat their file storage (NOTE: This step has been discussed in the /tech/ thread, and consensus was it was highly unlikely to work unless we had HUGE numbers of people)

Google stores everything you upload, and keeps it there even if it gets "deleted." Storing stuff costs lots of money, and high speed ssd drives to keep it all on aren't cheap. The more you upload, the more they pay.

STEP 1: Choose a platform that allows you to upload files(eg: youtube, drive, gsites, ect)
STEP 2: Get a file that is at or over the maximum file limit
STEP 3: Upload it again, and again, and again, and again
EXTRA STEP: If you are doing youtube make a huge file with a ton of random music, text on the screen, and game footage. Their matching algorithm will have to go through your whole 1hr + video and match everything there for monitization.

Make google analytics worthless

Google is so popular in the analytics world because it can show advertisers what type of people are viewing their page (see http://theoutpost.observer/article.php?id=32 for a good explanation). If we can make this data unreliable then people will stop using google services.

STEP 1: Get a huge word dictionary
STEP 2: Make a small script that searches something entirely random every 20 minutes or so
STEP 3: Let it go as long as possible on as many accounts as possible
STEP 4: Go to random pages with tracking on them to give them fucked results

Remove advertisers (A.K.A. DisNod)

If companies think their users won't buy their products because of google then they will pull out and stop funding them. Youtube's budget got slashed when a few guys pulled out, just imagine what would happen if we could get a ton of people to leave.

STEP 1: Get a huge list of "medium" sized advertisers. Companies that are small enough that it is easy to get a message through to them but big enough that they have a large advertising budget.
STEP 2: Get huge volumes of well written emails to them saying that you (a past customer) are highly against google and don't want to purchase from a company that supports them. Talk about the quality of their products and say you don't want to take your business elsewhere. Sweet talk them.
STEP 3: Get fucktons of people to do this. Gamergate style, but bigger.




Search engine:

http://yacy.net/en/index.html - Yacy is a distributed peer to peer search engine that has had time to mature and harden

https://yandex.com/ - Yandex is a Russian search engine that has been trying to break into googles market for years


http://www.palemoon.org/ - Palemoon is a firefox fork that has slowly been developing. Has the original firefox ux, and is very customizable.

https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=firefox-com - Everyone knows what fucking firefox is, although it has become bloated. If you use this, make sure to harden it


umatrix: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/umatrix/ - helps you filter out google cdn's and analytics. A bit of a learning curve but its worth it.

ublock origin: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/ - A non-jewed adblocker that is extremely robust.

User Agent Switcher: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/user-agent-switcher/ - Changes what websites read your browser as, helps fuck with analytics.


https://hooktube.com/ - Abuses embed tech to allow you to watch a youtube video without adverts, giving the original video any views, and works-around regional blocking.

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