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Operation Far-Flag
Owner: Leader
Status: Starting

Mombot, a pro-Gamergator Twitter user, did some prodding around about the suspicious petition regarding Far Cry 5 and the media blitz. The articles all have dropped five hours within of each other. [1]She has gotten into contact with a couple of journalists and editors, one of which he has admitted that he made the petition himself, which was now posted in, Podcast Beyond, a then - Public, now suspiciously private Facebook group. Even more suspicious, it appears to be have modded/administered by several high ranking people within the journalists and game industry itself. [2]


Find out when the articles dropped, find out Ubisoft's response/ reaction, dig for information. - Like IGN's connections to it, and check the comments for bots.


Step 1: Timeline

May 25, 2017, the petition was posted. [3] It was then posted on Reddit on May 27. [4]

May 30, 2017, the petition picked up steam and some small blogs ran with it. [5] Cogs Connected ran with the petition.

Step 2: How is IGN Connected?

Brian Altano is one of the adminstrators of Podcast Beyond, the Facebook group, that is now private. [6] [7]

The author of one of these articles says he's gotten his news from Podcast Beyond. But he would not say who gave him information.

Step 3: How Soon Did Ubisoft Respond?

Dig for responses and reactions from Ubisoft. Even see if there's any link connecting to the company itself or advertising agencies, who could've started this.

Step 4: Check for Bots

People signing it are now doing it for the laughs or blantantly false-flagging (to the point it's no long an effective false flag). Even the Social Justice Warriors are signing in to leave hateful comments.


Confirm who Shaun is and what is his website.

See and investigate how soon Ubisoft's employees will respond?

Did they, Ubisoft, respond fast enough to indicate they knew about this before they would logically have heard of it?

The Ubisoft employees who heard of it after the petition gained steam?

Any link to advertising agencies, who could have started this?

Check for signs of bots signing the petition, SJWs, or allies of the original petition maker. Look at the initial ones to search for signs of bots or even familiar names (I.e. the person created their own petition then contacted family, friends, and colleagues to do the first few signings).

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