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Parent Company: None
Owner: Brandon Orselli
Editor-in-Chief: Dimi Gronnings
Ethics Policy
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NicheGamer, founded in June of 2013, is a website dedicated to reporting upon gaming and the gaming industry. They have a unique focus on obscure, or niche, games that may get less attention from more mainstream-oriented sites.

They are one of the few gaming media outlets who have outlined their journalistic ethics policy,[1] and have also outlined their own review policy.[2]


On August 21, 2014 Nichegamer's Owner, Brandon Orselli, wrote about the Zoe Quinn controversy and how it highlighted what he called: "poisonous, incestuous, nepotism-filled gaming industry, and more specifically, the games journalism industry". [3]

During Gamergate

In September 17, 2018, Brandon Orselli stated in Twitter, "I really want to reiterate the main purpose of Niche Gamer has always been to stand up for everyday gaming consumer. To Just talk about "fun" and "good" games. We've been VERY slow with bringing on new staff, because I'm very, very careful with who can write for us."[1] Even bring up that "None of us went to journalism school and none of us really went to school for business but we're learning as we go and are finally building a passionate, insightful, and fun team to be around. All of our current staff make me proud and I'm really happy where we're going now. If I could get some of these other folks to hop on stream and game sometimes, heh. They're nerds just like you and me and it can be intimidating to stream in front of a lot of people, strangers even. It's been really fun for me though." [2]

Gamergate Coverage

GamerGate related Articles

On August 31, Nichegamer started their coverage of Gamergate and Gamergate related incidents.[4]

Title Publication Date Summary
So, Why Shouldn’t Gaming Be Fun?[5] 08/31/14 Calls out game journalists for not allowing fun in video games and inserting social issues for medium that was meant as escape/break from real life.
Sega and Gearbox Sued and How Even This Fits into #GamerGate [6] 09/04/14 Condemns situation in entire industry. Also mentions that Gearbox was using funds provided for Aliens game to fund a game they were clearly more interested in. That game was Borderlands 2.
#GamerGate, Lies, corruption and a new beginning.[7] 09/06/14 Editorial piece. Describes what is needed to reform gaming journalism by creating code of ethics specific for gaming journalism.
Big Gaming Journism is Dying, and Here's Why,[8] 8 September 2014. 09/08/14 Editorial piece. Explains why major video games journalism websites are failing and lose their funds by advertising companies pulling out of these websites.
Niche Gamer- cast Episode 16 - #GamerGate Part Deux [9] 09/09/14 Podcast. It's mainly some video games news from that period and more information about GG focused on article above.

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Developer's interview about Gamergate

On September 4, 2014 NicheGamer starts looking for gamedevs to speak about GamerGate.[10] Since then they have been interviewing many developers that accepted the invitations to give their opinion about it.

Developer Publication Date Summary
Adrian Chmielarz Interview – #GamerGate, Vitriol, and Saying Enough is Enough[11] 12/11/14 Talks about censorship, suggestions for GG and its impact for industry. Also mentions how major gaming publishing websites are irresponsible in their articles.
David Jaffe Interview – Ethics, Censorship, and #GamerGate[12] 12/10/14 Talks about avoiding needless pissing matches on social media and to be exact in formulating what GG exactly wants. He doesn't exactly understand why GG never formed any leadership. Do not read that article, when you are angry.
#GamerGate Interview – Christian Allen Edition[13] 12/04/14 Mentions that games GameJournoPros mailing list exist and it makes him uneasy. Also that indie games industry circle is very small. Adds some advice for GG at end of article.
Real #GameDev’s Sound off Regarding the #GamerGate Controversy[14] 09/18/14 Shows what non-clique indie video games developers truly think about Gamergate and video games journalists.
Xbro Responds to Accusations of Xbox and #GamerGate[15] 12/05/14 Sela Davis, an employee of Microsoft’s Xbox Live division and the treasurer of the IGDA responds to Xbro about Gamergate. Full of aGG rhetorics.
Xbro Interview—IGDA #GamerGate Blacklist Edition[16] 12/01/14 Talks about IGDA blacklist and aGG slowly being outed from industry for displaying absurd reasoning in public, undeserved hostility, harassment and crying about GG 24/7 on social media. Also is thankful for evidence that GG finds.
Xbro Interview—#GamerGate Numero Dos[17] 11/17/14 Talks about what things can make you unhireable in gaming industry and how supporting GG publicly can be risky and invite witch-hunts.
#GamerGate Interview – Anonymous Xbox Edition[18] 09/17/14 Mentions that gaming video journalism is plagued by corruption, colluding, and blatant lack of ethics. That person also wishes GG good luck.

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