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Imzy is a new social media networking forum (Think a crossover between Reddit and Twitter) created by the fired Reddit executive, Dan McComas.

What's Imzy


Imzy was backed by investors from Patreon, Twitter, and Foursquare, it promises to be a "warmer and fuzzier" version of Reddit; as opposed to its wilder forebearer. [1]

Dan McComas was fired from Reddit, during a turbulent time when several communities (called "subreddits") are unexpectedly banned. He was a critic of what he saw as toxicity which was enabled by Reddit's attitude of unrestrained free speech, so after his firing, Dan McComas sets out to make a nicer site.

On , Imzy launched a partnership with Lena Dunham as a means to form an online community for the Lenny Letter, a newsletter which was started by Dunham and Jenni Konner. This community has over 400,000 subscribers and a 65% open rate. [2]

Beta-ing and the Site Itself

Testing, Testing,...

Imzy is conducting an invitation only beta testing phase and appearantly achived it's stated goal. It's aesthetics creates a warmer enviroment than Reddit's minimalism.

The newsfeed appears to have a Tumblr-ish feel to it.

Imzy has a tipping function, where one can tip the moderators and communities, and there's an option to give to Imzy itself!


In Imzy there's a Gamergate community which is actually an anti-GameGate group.

However, KotakuInAction set up a community in Imzy as an experiment to see how long a pro-GamerGate community can last before it gets ban. [3]


Netscape9 got an e-mail status banned from Imzy, plus three Gamergate communities got shut down. - The Gamergate Debate community, TorrentialDownpour community, and , his post about the leaks. Because of the discussion of the CON log leaks. Despite the fact that these did not go against their terms of service and Imzy promoting "honest and open" discussion, especially about GG. [4]

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