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Funimation is a U.S. Texas-based anime localization and publishing company. They have a partnership with Crunchyroll. They have garnered a reputation for injecting unrelated political language into their dubs.

Prison School dub

In the english dub of Prison School, they included a line about "Gamergate creeps." [2]


In the anime "Hajimete no Gal", they rewrote a scene insulting visual novel players[1]. Lines such as:

“You’re crossing the line. You can’t make high school girls read that crap. They may be light novels but they’re heavy on the creepy sex stuff.”
 “Of course! Where’s the fun in forcing these jailbait tricks to read something decent. Plus, most of the freaks who come in here hate women, so seeing girls degraded gives them boners and makes them happy.”

It created a large reaction within communities, when Funimation responded they deflected by tweeting about harassment.[2][3]

    “We at Funimation want to have an open dialogue with fans. We welcome your praise, as well as your criticism and suggestions for improvement.

    “As fans and members of the anime community, there will be things that we don’t all agree on and there is always room for discussion and vocalizing those viewpoints. However, harassment, doxxing, threats, or cruelty of any kind, are unacceptable and will be taken very seriously. There is no place for that in this community, from any side.

    “We are always listening and always striving to be better. Let’s do it together.” 

In October 10, 2018, Anime News Network reported that Funimation's partnership with Crunchyroll will be ending on November 9, 2018.[4]

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