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Electronic Arts Games
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Type: Game Development
Leader: Larry Probst
Boycott: ʏᴇꜱ 😒

2011 EA Games ban controversy

In March 2011, EA Games banned a user for calling EA Games the "devil", forbidding him from playing single-player games that he had purchased. There were other reports of users being banned for innocuous activity.

In November or December 2011, EA Games banned someone using the name MaximumTacos because somebody else had swore at him on EA's forums. Maximum Tacos further alleged that:

Apparently EA is giving out information on my case to random strangers who call up, contrary to their privacy policy. Also, a zynga employee is stalking me, digging up information on me and posting it, and claiming that his connections in the industry will make sure my ban stays in place.

The name of MaximumTacos is similar to the Youtube user name MaximumTacos used by WompWobble administrator TerrorTacos.

New account NverGaveUp reported:

The SAME Zynga employee was stalking and harassing me during work hours. He would post my real name, events I was invited to and even started to harass my friends. I can't believe Zynga would allow their employees do track down people online and harass them relentlessly posting their personal information everywhere.

The stuff he dug up would have taken a lot of time so I know he wasn't doing his job.

Come to think of it, he was on a Zynga computer, Zynga company time and harassed me from their location.