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Chris Ruiz
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Aliases: Christopher Ruiz
Occupation: Game Developer, Designer, Director & Producer
Affiliations: Xelzeta, Media-Index, DevCon, GDAP, IGDA

Christopher A. Ruiz (born April 13, 1986) is an American video game developer, designer, and producer who is creating the upcoming XrossBeat game. He was former Creative director behind hit MMORPG Ragnarok Online[1] and other games.[2] As a result of his success, he has dedicated his free time to help push the Philippine game industry by working closely with government organizations,[3] non-profit organizations,[4][5][6] & schools.[7][8][9]


Chris's career with Ragnarok Online officially began in 2004[10] where he was responsible for creating a lot of new content. In 2007, he started to connect with active communities[11] and publishers, using his own blog Project Revolution.[12] With the feedback he was getting publicly he was able to create new content that eventually became some of the games' top selling item mall content.[13]

It was in 2009, Chris established his own Studio Xelzeta. By 2012 he was working with Korean game company Ndoors Global on some games like Luminary[14] / Goonzu Online & Atlantica Online. In 2013 the company was then acquired by Valofe Inc.,[15] where Chris became their product developer, designer, and technical adviser throughout the next year.